About Us

The Royal Jordanian Radio Amateur Society (RJRAS) was established by a Royal Decree in 1971 by His Late Majesty King Hussein (JY1) (may His Soul rest in peace), with the vision to introduce high tech in the field of communication to the Jordanian public, and in particular the enthusiastic youth. Since RJRAS was established was lead and until now by HRH Prince PrinceRa’adbin Zeid JY2RZ as chairman of the board.

A number of the royal Family hold a radio Amateur license, Most recently HRH Price Hussein JY2A supported RJRAS on a national project by lounchung the first Amateur satalite (JY1SAT) in memory of his late Majesty JY1

Amateur (Ham) Radio is an indicator reflecting how advanced is the country, as well as, the level of education amongst the Jordanian population as it is a direct method of communication without boundaries or limitations.

Amongst the Amateur Radio community worldwide, HLM JY1 has a special status and still being well remembered and respected for his dedication to this hobby as well as  generous contributions and support especially towards the launch of a communication satellites OSCAR series as well as widening the frequency spectrum introducing new bands for which the Amateur radio community worldwide is forever in debt.